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Prayer is how we ask...meditation is how we receive....
Close your eyes and take 5 long slow deep breaths. Relax your body and quiet your mind. Now imagine your angel is sitting in front of you right now. Feel your angel's love. Breathe deeply and breathe in your angel’s radiant light. Breathe in the angelic love & light allowing it first to fill your heart. Then breathe in the angelic light to fill your rmind and body. Continue to breathe in the angelic light until your whole being; body, mind, heart & spirit is filled with nothing but Divine Light. Then open your eyes and with a smile on your face and a sparkle in your eye give thanks for all things around you and in your life. Wake up each day, pray, meditate, and SHINE!

~~ ♥ Ana Jones ♥ ~~

A Poem By Ana Jones

With every power vested in me, I awaken.
I awaken like a butterfly in a cocoon
who must burst through the thinly woven veil
that prevents me from seeing who I truly am,
spreading my wings, and taking flight.

Out of an instinct to survive, it was I who spun the veil
that shrouded me for so long,
and it was I who then chose to sleep.

In my long sleep I dreamed a frightening yet marvelous dream.
A dream of transformation.

In my dream I am more than who I think I am,
capable of doing more than I think I can do.

Awakening from the dream, I come to realize
I am not alone.
The messages of the dream echo inside.
Yet, more important are the messengers.

For now I see that I am being shown,
I am being guided.
I am being called to awaken from this slumber
that has transformed me.
Called by a voice like music, as gentle as the wind,
that reverberates from and through every cell in my body.


I can not explain it with my mind, I only know it in my heart,
that I believe in angels.

They have been called innumerable names.
They exist within the space that we see as the vast emptiness
inside every atom.
They speak in every language,
including the language of silence.

From time to time they reveal themselves
as magnificent winged ones.
Not because that is how they are,
but because it is how we are.
To remind us, as they do me now,
to spread my wings…and fly!

Poem Published in "The Teaching of Archangel Michael: A Handbook for Humanity" by Rev. Ana Jones
Poem copyright 2003 Rev. Ana Jones, Questing Spirit, LLC

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